Gecko Worth USD 10 Million That Says AIDS Drugs

Gecko is the animal that is currently being sought enough by some people. Because the type of reptile in a big lizard tribal groups that have Gekkonidae high prices in the market. A Price gecko who weighs 4 ounces is more than Rp 500 million.

No wonder it makes a number of communities vying to catch it. However, do you know now many brokers from Malaysia and Korea on the loose in Indonesia in order to get an animal that reportedly can cure HIV AIDS?

“Right now a lot more brokers from Malaysia and Korea in Indonesia to get a gecko with a low price. And this is a real,” said Ade to, Friday (25 / 9).

The arrival of the foreign financiers, is because of the business sale gecko was tempting. In addition, the brokers can get geckos in Indonesia with cheap price and then resold at a good price. “Since I heard from my boss, he said that geckos studied abroad for HIV-AIDS drugs and said the study abroad was 90 percent (geckos can cure HIV-AIDS),” said residents Kapuk, North Jakarta, this.

Ade is a seller and buyer geckos. He said, are sold by way of export to some countries, like China, Japan, Hong Kong, and France.

However, not all geckos can be exported. Only geckos who have weigh over 3.5 ounces worth of exports. “Because, getting older and large size of a gecko, the enzyme levels will have more and more. And, he said enzyme that is used for HIV-AIDS drug,” said Ade.


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