Some Tips Buy Leopard Gecko

You can obtain geckos from most large pet shops, it’s always best to enquire via the telephone to ensure they sell them as there are still some pet stores that do not sell them. They are usually priced at around $80 – $250, the price they are sold for usually depends on their markings and patterns. If they have very nice patterns then they will be sold for more money.

There are many other things a gecko needs to live a happy healthy life in your home. Firstly you will need a decent seized tank for them to live in, tanks can be purchased form the pet store you bought the gecko from and the staff can advise you on what size tank you will need for your particular gecko. A tank that is bigger than 40cm x 20cm is some sufficient, you should not get anything smaller than that. Tanks range in cost from around $60 right up to $400 for a tank with all the bells and whistles.

Geckos are cold-blooded animals, this means they get their heat from the environment around them, you will need to provide this heat in the form of a lamp or a heat map. A heat mat may be a little more expensive than a standard lamp but they are more discreet than the lamps and allow for more room in the tank. They cost around $20 – $60 depending on their size and quality.

Inside the tank you will need to provide some kind of cover as geckos like to hide themselves away from everybody to get a good nights rest. The best product to achieve this is known as cholla, which is basically the skeleton of a plant that is hollowed out so the gecko can crawl inside and rest.

You will need to prove water in a plastic bowl so the gecko can drink when ever they feel the need, be sure not to have the water too deep as it has been known for geckos to drown easily in deep water.
On the ground inside the tank you must place something familiar for the gecko to walk on. Usually tree bark or specialized sand is used that is sold in the pet store. It is important not to use any old tree bark that you find outside as this can contain traces of fungus that can cause your gecko to be ill.

Geckos feed on bugs, you must provide this as the gecko owner. They enjoy eating crickets that you can buy in varied sizes from the pet stores. An average sized bag will contain around 30 crickets and most geckos of average size will feed on just one cricket per day. You can ask at the pet store about what to feed your particular cricket, as it’s a good idea to feed them on a similar, if not the same diet that they have been used to in the store.

You must also provide you gecko with vitamins that they would normally source from the wild. It can come in a powder form that you can dip the crickets into before you feed them to the geckos.

You should try to avoid geckos that have a coloring that seems dull and emaciated, any signs of it having shed skin still attached to its body is a good sign to leave it alone. A healthy gecko appears clean and has bright eyes, looks alert and holds its body off the ground when walking.

Having a plump tail is a good sign of a healthy well-fed gecko. A gecko’s tail acts as a depository for stored fats that helps the lizard to survive through periods when food is scarce.


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